A row of Bulmans Bulk Haulage DAF white trucks parked in a line with a blue sky and setting sun above.

Efficiency in Every Load: Bulk Haulage Services for UK-wide Transport

Over 40 years of trusted Bulk Haulage, delivering 6,000+ tons daily across the UK.

Delivering Goods Safely and on Time

Much like the feed, crops, and precision of our bulk haulage and aggregate transport services, Bulmans' customers are in it for the long haul. Bulmans' customers stay loyal because they trust our commitment to on-time, safe, and eco-friendly delivery. With experienced drivers, an expert traffic management team, and exceptional customer care, we ensure efficient service every time.
Bulk Animal Feed Haulage
Specialising in secure, consistent bulk animal feed transport for reliable supply.
Aggregates Haulage
Count on our reliable aggregate transportation, ensuring seamless delivery of your valuable cargo.
Road Salt Bulk Haulage
Ensuring safe roads with timely, eco-friendly delivery of crucial winter road salt.
Bulk Blower and Sucker Haulage
Our bulk Blower and Sucker fleet delivers flexible transportation for materials like grain, animal feed, and more.
  • A Bulmans Bulk Haulage DAF Truck being loaded by a Manitou Articulated Loader, at dusk with a vivid yellow, purple and blue sunset in the background.

    Efficient Bulk Blower and Sucker Haulage Services

    Our advanced blower and sucker technology ensures swift loading and unloading, optimising time and reducing operational costs.

  • A Bulmans Bulk Haulage DAF Truck driving through the countryside on a sunny day, in the English Lake District.

    Accelerate Your Career with Bulmans Bulk & Haulage

    Discover rewarding opportunities in the dynamic world of bulk haulage and transportation.

A Bulmans Bulk Haulage DAF Truck parked on the side of the road at dusk, with a dark blue, cloudy sky overhead and street lights lighting the truck.

Your Trusted Bulk Haulage Partner

Decades of Excellence in Transport and Haulage Across the UK

Bulmans Bulk & Haulage, established in 1982, has grown from humble beginnings. We started with just one vehicle and operated out of a bedroom at a Penrith truck stop. Today, our fleet transports over 6,000 tons of feed, cereals, aggregate, and more daily.

Operating from our purpose-built 7-acre site since 1996, we're still proudly based in Penrith, yet our vehicles deliver to every corner of the UK.

A Bulmans Bulk DAF Truck parked on the side of the road, in a lay-by in the English Lake District, surrounded by trees.

Our Commitment to Eco-Friendly Bulk Haulage Services

We're working towards a greener future for the planet and for our customers

At Bulmans Bulk, we're dedicated to working smarter and greener, because it's not only about what we do for the environment; it's about what we can do for you. When your haulage provider operates in a cleaner and more efficient manner, you reap the benefits in all sorts of ways. This includes helping you meet your environmental objectives to reducing the cost of our services.

How we’re improving our environmental credentials

Modern and Sustainable Fleet: We employ the latest, most fuel-efficient, and environmentally friendly vehicles to ensure that your goods are transported with minimal impact on the environment.

Smart Technology Integration: Our vehicles are equipped with cutting-edge technology that minimises unnecessary miles, optimising routes, and reducing fuel consumption. This not only benefits the environment but also helps you save on costs.

Carbon Emission Reduction: All Bulmans Bulk vehicles utilise AdBlue technology, an exhaust system additive that significantly reduces carbon emissions, contributing to a cleaner atmosphere.

Waste Recycling: We actively recycle as much waste as possible, not only to minimise waste but also to offset our carbon footprint, aligning with our commitment to a greener, sustainable future.

By choosing Bulmans Bulk for your bulk haulage needs, you're not only ensuring efficient and reliable service but also actively participating in a greener, more environmentally conscious approach to transportation. Together, we can make a positive impact on our planet and your bottom line.

  • A Bulmans Bulk Haulage DAF Truck driving through the countryside on a sunny day, in the English Lake District.
  • Rear side view of a Bulmans Bulk DAF truck cab, facing towards the horizon at sunset.