A row of Bulmans Bulk Haulage DAF white trucks parked in a line with a blue sky and setting sun above.

Our Advanced Fleet for Nationwide Bulk Transport

Welcome to the heart of our operation - our robust haulage fleet designed to deliver efficiently across the UK, every mile of the way.

The Latest Tech is at the Core of Our Bulk Haulage

Our UK-wide fleet is at the forefront of transportation innovation. We regularly review and update our fleet where necessary to ensure our vehicles are equipped with the latest technological enhancements, maintaining the highest standards of efficiency and safety on every journey.

A Bulmans Bulk Haulage DAF truck is being loaded by a blue tractor on a farm, illustrating the collaborative effort in agricultural bulk transport services.

Our Fleet Specifications and Features

360-Degree Camera Systems
Advanced Sensors
Real-Time Trackers
Left Turn Alarms
A Bulmans Bulk Haulage white DAF truck, parked in a quarry with a dramatic cloudy sky overhead.

Real-Time Tracking and Communication

Stay updated with our real-time vehicle tracking and smart communication systems. Each vehicle is equipped with a Smart cab phone, this tech allows us to provide proof of delivery systems to enhance efficiency for both us and our customers.

A Bulmans Bulk DAF Truck parked on the side of the road, in a lay-by in the English Lake District, surrounded by trees.

Sustainable and Efficient Environmental Practices

We're Committed to Reducing Our Fleet's Environmental Impact

Our commitment to the environment is integral to our haulage operations. We uphold this by equipping our fleet with the latest technologies, enabling our experienced team to optimise route planning, thereby reducing unnecessary mileage and fuel usage. All Bulmans Bulk vehicles utilise AdBlue, a supplement to the exhaust system that reduces carbon emissions. Our environmental mission is woven into every aspect of our business, with rigorous recycling practices implemented across all operations.

  • Bulk Blower and Sucker Haulage

    Bulmans Blower and Sucker fleet features versatile multi-compartment vehicles, capable of self-loading and off-loading materials like grain and animal feed into silos, tanks, or even challenging locations inaccessible to standard bulk tippers.

A Bulmans Bulk Haulage DAF truck is being loaded by a blue tractor on a farm.

Versatile Fleet Options

At Bulmans Bulk Haulage, We Provide Adaptive Solutions for Diverse Transport Needs

Although we are a bulk tipping firm we are not limited to tippers, we have trusted contacts to ensure we can provide rigids and walking floors if required. Having access to a large number and range of vehicles means any last-minute changes or requests can be fulfilled without delay.